id like to be my own registrar, whats the pros and cons?
Many of the members here are Nominet TAG holders, which means they can register their own .uk domains. The most important reason for doing that is to get access to the database of names that are "dropping" - names with an expiring registration, that are falling back into the "pool" of unregistered names.

They try to catch the best domains as they drop, in the face of competition from other people doing exactly the same thing, in order to get domains which are worth selling or developing.

A lot of the best domains are already registered, but people are not using them, and they fall back into the pool when people can't work out what to do with them and don't pay to keep the registration going.

The biggest "con" is that it costs money. One big rule of business is that you don't spend money unless you can see how it will make you more money - investment is one thing, chucking cash into a big hole is another.

Look at it this way.
aZooZa registers his own UK domains, but uses an ICANN registrar for his other names.
He makes money from domains. If he could see a benefit to being his own registrar he'd be doing it.

Anybody can read this forum - you got in here, didn't you? Now you're asking people to tell you how they make a living so you can do it too? Be reasonable.

If you get a full answer to that question, so do all the people that are lurking around here and not posting anything worth reading. Then everybody, including you, gets more competition and has a harder time making money.