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    No way it makes any sense for a search engine to penalise an EMD just because it is an EMD.

    Perhaps that is why the Gargyl reported lower that predicted profits at 6 months and trading in shares was suspended because there was a rush to sell.

    Rick Schwartz has an opinion - me, I'm buying well aged stuff out of the bargain bin and changing my name by deed poll to Lyn King Llandestyn.

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    I said it on acorn or here back in January. Rick is 100% right on this. It is a game of bluff over who need who most and people are now waking up to the fact that Google need them more than they need Google. When Google started trying to mess with my sites in Penguin etc, it was a wake up call to share out the traffic streams. Offload adsense and not put all my eggs in one basket. I am no longer reliant on Google and starting to take some of my sites out of there, news sites for example. Why should I share that with Google? So they can click on ads before they get to my site? No thanks. I have search facilities on my site if people want to use them.

    A good strategy on Facebook or twitter will bring in much more traffic than Google. I have done it on 4-5 of my sites and the traffic from those sources is 500-600% that of what Google sends me for being top for that term.

    So I guess you can sum it all up by saying the obvious, don't put all your traffic or income streams into the Google basket, share it out. It easy to get blinkered in to thinking your business needs Google,you don't and the ironic thing is the more you hate Google the more Google likes you.
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