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Danny B
09-04-12, 01:32 PM
Hi All,

Anyone have an opinion on the .WALES and .CYMRU extensions?


Good, Bad...Indifferent?

As I have an office in Cardiff it has some relevance I guess :)

09-04-12, 01:53 PM
Personally I think it would be a complete wash. No need for it at all. Just my view.

09-04-12, 02:01 PM
It's great news for anyone with .co.uk's mate, these will just lead to more confusion and confusion equals people typing in the extension that they know best. As for Welsh people and the Scot's etc who rely on domains for business, why would they scrap their .co.uk's which caters for an audience of 65m UK customers and focus on one that caters for at most 5m customers (Scotland's population).

These Welsh and Scottish governments usually impose crazy conditions that mean that domain holders have to live inside the countries. There will of course be a land grab where the bigger names get taken up shortly before it dies on it's backside as nothing more than a community centre project.

Surprised Nominet are even getting involved in it... If it is a success, Nominet will get flak for being too dominant and it should have been a Welsh company to run it. If it dies on it's backside then Nominet will get the blame for wasting money or cocking it up because they ain't Welsh / Scottish and don't understand the culture.

But all in all, just another in the long line of failed domain extensions to pop up over the last 10 years....

09-04-12, 02:07 PM
Yep - Graeme's post is the full version - thanks Graeme. I wonder WTF they were thinking when .cymru was even entertained? What % of the UK speak Welsh? I'm not being disrespectful here; just thinking about the numbers. But of course, if .wales was considered, .cymru would have HAD to be with it. Just like all the road signs in Wales I guess.

Danny B
09-04-12, 02:10 PM
Thanks for your opinion guys....I was talking to a friend of mine who has over 2K domains (but is not a member of any domain community) and he actually thinks the same as you guys. It's weird that when I'm asked about all other new extensions I'll say the same as you but because it's close to home it seemed more relevant...at least I can now explain it to people when I'm asked....thanks Grey Wing :)

09-04-12, 02:12 PM
Indifferent, and thats from a welshman!

Danny B
09-04-12, 02:14 PM
I think I need to say that I am English but work in Wales but my kids were born here, can my son still play for England?

11-05-12, 11:07 AM
It might be good for local businesses to use a .WALES or .CYMRU extension in order to clearly highlight they are local, already in the domain name. I believe many small and local businesses in Wales are going with this new extension in the future. Wouldn't you?

Btw, I hope they don't go with .CYMRU - I've never seen an uglier TLD that's harder to pronounce. [eg. Over the phone: YourBusiness dot CYM... what!?]

11-05-12, 11:28 AM
I think the takeup will be very much like .cat or the like.

29-08-12, 03:57 PM
I think the takeup will be very much like .cat or the like.

.cat is an interesting gTLD - only available if the pages are about catalan, or the site is in catalan.

I can see .cymru having similar restrictions on content