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30-03-12, 12:09 PM
If you lose a DRS and then appeal it, you pay around 3.6k to appeal. Do you get that money back if you are successful? Basically if you win, aren't you in effect getting Nominet to admit their appointed DRS expert was wrong and therefore the need for you to pay 3.6k+ was down to their agents mistake.

30-03-12, 02:42 PM
I've never seen costs awarded in any DRS appeal case I've read and I don't see anything about it on Nominet's website.

That being said, I would think the 3K + VAT would be the least of your costs - legal representation would cost substantially more than that.

30-03-12, 03:04 PM
I was just thinking that Nominet would refund the 3k they charged you to correct their own mistake. Bit dodgy that if 40% of DRS's that are appealed are overturned then you would think Nominet would refund the appeal fee.

30-03-12, 03:43 PM
I see your point and it makes sense to me. Just to play Devil's Advocate though, I'm sure Nominet would say that the 3K is their cost for the experts and the administration costs. I doubt they are running appeals at a profit.

02-04-12, 10:44 AM
Nominet should allow the appeal via a complaints procedure rather than expecting either party to pay the costs.