View Full Version : DL Sale: digitalslrcameras.co.uk (311 GBP)

29-03-12, 02:50 PM
Sold price: £311, Ended on: 2012-03-29 14:49:18

More... (http://domainlore.co.uk/digitalslrcameras.co.uk)

31-03-12, 11:36 AM
This sold for £11 more than the .org.uk sold for in 2010.

What does that say about the market?

31-03-12, 11:59 AM
Might be other technologies out there nown though mate, SLR cameras maybe being phased out by new tech. Same as TFT years ago, that domain would have been worth £xx,xxx but then LCD and others came along and tft.co.uk sold for £750'ish if memory is correct. So maybe more about tech than the domain markets.

Not sure if that is 100% though as know a little but not a lot about the camera market.

31-03-12, 12:09 PM
Graeme, I agree with what your saying up to a point because digital cameras as a whole are slowly but surely being made obsolete by mobile phones with built in cameras but digital SLR cameras are the high end of the market. They're used by keen amateur and professional photographers and I think they're here to stay for a while yet and cost anything from around £500 right up to £5000+

31-03-12, 06:11 PM
It's an interesting debate. I saw this yesterday:


That 'limited edition' is about $38,000 - $50,000 depending where you look. I had the original version of it, passed on to me by my father, which was made in 1938. It was the best camera I ever used, and I've had a few, and own a high-end Canon currently with a few lenses.

I don't think it will be too long before phones take over much of the space: