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29-09-14, 04:58 PM
I am a new domainer, started 4 days ago and I seem to have the bug which isn't a good thing because i'm also trying to start a business at the same time. hmm
Anyway what has brought me here is an extremely over exaggerated evaluation of one of my domains. I have done some research, watched youtube and done some reading on the industry. So far I have purchased 26 domains with varying success in terms of value. That is at least what the machines are telling me they are worth. I am of course taking these figures with a pinch of salt and will continue to add to my portfolio in the hope that I can make a bit of money like you guys/gals.
Well... I had a valuation of $25244-30854 for a domain which obviously got my immediate attention and brings me to my next question. Can you really use these valuations generated by the matrix to value your domains or should we trust actual peoples valuations. Of course the only way to find out is to sell it..... Still its a nice thought and looks good on paper.