View Full Version : How do I make url change as user browses site?

20-03-13, 09:15 AM
I have a domain registered with a uk firm named mydomain.org.uk.

I have the site itself hosted elsewhere with anhosting (in America).

At the moment I have temp forwarding with framed web forwarding.
This is ok but when a user moves to another page on the site the url remains the same no matter which part of the site they are on.

I am sure this is because of the frame but I want to know what I would have to do to make the page show at the end of the url.

For example:
mydomain.org.uk --- home page
mydomain.org.uk/awards-2009 --- awards page for 2009

I have tried asking the 2 parties concerned and am getting nowhere even with live chat they don't seem to know or understand what I am asking.

The url on this site does just what I am after.

Thank you for any help you can give.