View Full Version : Our online shop has been open

Stacy Ke
28-02-13, 03:15 AM
Our online shop has been open.Do you mind if I post the link here(cichic.com)?
As you are all professional expert here ,so I hope you give us some professional suggestions
about our web and products .
Thank you ahead!

Stacy Ke
28-02-13, 09:03 AM
Our website is new,so we need you professional experts to point out our shortcomings that we can improve it.
My purpose is that hope you can give us some suggestions and learn from you.
Thank you!

30-03-13, 10:41 PM
I don't think you understand that this is a domaining forum. Most of the members here deal in domains, and to a certain extent that includes sites, but the most important secondary skill focus with sites is off-page SEO, driving traffic to sites. Most members here pay for site development.

I'm sure someone will volunteer an opinion sometime soon, but there are much better places to ask on the web. Digital Point forums would be a better idea.