View Full Version : .uk domain names, not suspended, expiry in the past

07-09-12, 03:15 PM
Nominet are aware of a bug which they hope to have fixed by next week whereby some .uk domain names have an expiry date in the past but the domain name is not suspended. An example is currently "worktops.co.uk. The renewal for that domain name has been paid and acknowledged and there is no cancellation request pending on it, nor is it suspended. I think the bug has come about from the introduction of multi year renewals. Previously, when there were only two year renewals, domain names that were renewed by a tag holder and where the invoice from Nominet was not paid by that tag holder had their their status wound back and the domain name registrant was notified. This no longer occurs. When a tag holder renewes a domain name now it is considered renewed and Nominet will chase the tag holder for the payment. The bug has only affected some domain names - I don't know exactly why - but expect to see the status of "worktops.co.uk" change when Nominet fix the bug.