View Full Version : Best / Worst Emailed Messages via Domain

20-08-12, 11:26 AM
Just spinning this out of a thread from the private section of this site - whats the wierdest, best, worst email you have had in regarding a domain?

To kick off:

>> From: His Royal Highness,The Royal Prince of north-western Durotar,
> secondary
>> cheiftain Thrall
>> Telephone: +22 45387 *********
>> E-Mail: ******************@hotmail.com
>> Message:
>> Hello sir,
>> I am representing the great warchief thrall of north-western Durotar.
>> My highness wishes to purchase the domain name of \"kkk.co.uk\" >> from you
> sir
>> and is willing to pay many of your american dollars.
>> Please be contacting us immediately with reference to our offer.
>> Many blessings upon your livestocks
>> Joshua Bloodhoof, servant to the throne of Durotar
>> domain: kkk.co.uk
>> Org: Royal Ascendancy of Durotar

Beat that.