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07-08-12, 09:20 AM

Last week I registered applevodka.co.uk, and after developing it (nearly finished), I had some spare time - and no other domains, so i found...

strawberrydaiquiri.co.uk - 4,400 local exacts
longislandicedtea.co.uk - 4,400 local exacts

I realise they're quite long names, and ones four words - but I noticed all the other cocktail names (such as singaporesling.co.uk and tequilasunrise.co.uk) were taken, and at 4,400 they're the highest exacts I've managed to find on a FTR.

I'd appreciate any appraisals or advise on what to do with these,

07-08-12, 03:57 PM
I can't see these domains being worth much to a reseller. Before developing I'd see if you can make a go of your apple vodka site then if that's successful, you've got something you can replicate.

08-08-12, 08:06 AM
That's not the point of this forum, BTW - it's meant to tell other people about FTR domains in case they'd like to register them, not to showcase domains you've registered yourself...

Top Domains
05-05-13, 08:58 PM
http://appraise.epik.com/strawberrydaiquiri.co.uk $520
http://appraise.epik.com/longislandicedtea.co.uk $200